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Top 8 YouTube Videos on Watercolor Flowers for Beginners

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The Best YouTube Videos for Learning How to Paint Loose Watercolor Florals

I’ve been wanting to learn watercolor so I’ve been binging Youtube videos. I decided to start with florals because I figured they’re simple enough and I can use what I’ve learned for card making. I like the stylistic look of loose watercolor florals, thus all the videos in this list are for painting loose florals.

There are many neat videos that just show the process without any instruction, but I selected videos that had an explanation of the painting because, as a beginner, the explanations are helpful.

# 1: “How To Watercolor Flowers for Beginners” by Heather Lee

The flowers in this video are super easy to paint and look really cute.

# 2: Watercolor Tutorial: Pink Peonies by Let’s Make Art

This video teaches how to paint simple but pretty peonies. The video is sped up so don’t be fooled by the short length. It’ll take much longer to work through the video than the run-time suggests.

# 3: How to Paint Dreaming of Spring Florals with Watercolor and Gouache Paints by Let’s Make Art

This video is a good intro to the wet-on-wet technique as well as wet-on-dry. Also, this video demonstrates the painting of some cute berry-like flowers that were used as a filler. Note that this is another sped up video.

# 4: Watercolor Florals Part 1 by Emma Lafebvre

This video is the first of a two-part series. These flowers are very loose and pretty. I liked how Emma labeled each flower before painting it. It’s helpful for learning the names of the flowers and also for future reference.

# 5: Watercolor Florals Part 2 by Emma Lafebvre

This is the second part of the two part series. In this video, Emma shows how to create a bouquet from the flowers that were taught in this first video.

# 6: How to Paint Watercolor Flowers + Leaves by Shayda Campbell

I loved the color palette used for the flowers in this video. The final painting looked so beautiful mostly because of the nice balance of color. This was a fun video to paint along with.

# 7: Painting Botanicals with Jess Park – Lesson 3 of 4 by Strathmore Artist Papers

I’m a huge fan of Jess Park’s style. I recently bought her book, Watercolor Lettering, and loved all the tips and tricks she gives. The highlight of this video is her demonstration of painting a rose at about 13:53 on the timeline.

# 8: How to Paint Cherry Blossoms by Sea Lemon

These cherry blossoms were really easy to paint but looked so good! The instructor uses oil paints but I used watercolors and it still turned out great.

Learning how to paint watercolor flowers was fun but certainly time consuming. If you’re short on time as I am, my suggestion for learning is to have your paints, brush, paper, and water cup ready for painting on the fly and then when you have a moment to spare, sit down and do just one video at a time.

Good luck! Let me know in the comments below if you try any of these videos and how it went for you. I’d also love to know if you have a favorite video that’s not on this list.

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