Saint Valentine’s Day Card Free Printable

Saint Valentine's Day Card Free Printable

Free Printable Saint Valentine’s Day Exchange Card

(Note that some elements of the design on this Saint Valentine’s Day card was AI-generated)

This Saint Valentine’s Day exchange card depicts the patron saint of love with hearts and roses.

For the past few Valentine’s day, we gave heart chocolate boxes to our kids. However, my son has a number of food allergies and finding an allergy-free box has become more challenging. So this year, I decided to make a goody bag for my kids instead.

I thought it would be nice to include a Valentine’s day card and figured it would be a good opportunity to remind them of the patron saint (or saints, since there appears to be two or three different St. Valentines) behind the special day.

St Valentine's Day Card Free Printable

The Patron Saint of Love

Several different stories and legends exists about Saint Valentine. Some of them are that:

  • He was a priest or bishop
  • He was jailed for trying to convert people to Christianity
  • He restored sight to the jailer’s blind daughter
  • He secretly married couples to prevent husbands from being sent to war
  • He was beheaded by the Roman Emperor Claudius II sometime around the year 270

Some believe that the church instituted the feast day of Saint Valentine to replace the pagan fertility holiday called Lupercalia.

In addition to being the patron saint of love, Saint Valentine is also the saint of engaged couples, beekeepers, epilepsy, happy marriages, and young people.

How to Use the Free Printable St. Valentine’s Day Exchange Card

The file for this card will print 8 exchange cards on one sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper/card stock. Once you’ve downloaded and printed the file, cut out the individual cards by cutting along and removing the gray lines.

St Valentine Card Free Printable

If you want to write who the card is for/from, you can do so on the back of the card.

Free printable St Valentines Card

This printable is for printing on 8.5 x 11 inch paper or card stock and will print 8 exchange cards per sheet of paper.

You can download the printable file for this card for free in my Free Resource Library if you are a subscriber. If you aren’t, sign up below and I will email you a link to download the card as well as the password to my library. You may download the card, save, and print as often as you like.

Saint Valentine's Day Exchange Card Free Printable

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