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How to Paint an Easy Fall Watercolor Floral Wreath

How to paint an easy fall watercolor floral wreath

Process for Painting a Fall Watercolor Floral Wreath for a Greeting Card

I wanted to paint a thank you card with easy fall watercolor florals for our real estate agent. We had an awesome agent that helped us sell our house earlier this year. She got our house under contract the first weekend that it went on sale!

Here are the steps I took for painting a fall watercolor floral wreath for the card.

Step 1: Make An Outline of An Oval

For the oval that I planned to paint the floral wreath on, I used Canva to draw an oval, then printed the oval out, cut it, and traced it onto my watercolor paper.

I used a brown watercolor pencil to trace the oval, but in the end, I didn’t like how difficult it was to blend the pencil marks into the painting. Next time, I will stick with a regular pencil so that I can simply erase the pencil marks.

Step 2: Paint Yellow and Orange Roses

I used my Bianyo 36 Colors Watercolor Paint Set for this painting. For the yellow and orange roses, I used the color gamboge and orange.

Step 3: Paint Orange and Red Leaves

For the orange leaves, I used gamboge again and added orange to the edges of the leaves while the paint was wet. On the red leaves, I used crimson with and added purple to the edges. The purple blended and faded nicely into the crimson leaves.

Step 4: Paint Light Pink Chrysanthemums

I used the color vermillion to paint the chrysanthemums. I had to dilute the vermillion with water quite a bit to get it to a nice light peachy pink.

Step 5: Paint Green Foliage

Next were the green leaves. I painted these leaves with the leaf green color and added crimson to the tips of the leaves.

Step 6: Paint Blueberries

For the blueberries, I started out with the color shamrock for some of the berries. For these berries, I added a touch of purple to give them the look of a berry that was changing colors. I also painted green berries using the leaf green color and added a tiny bit of crimson for the color change. Then I added stems to the berries using the color burnt umber.

Final Watercolor Floral Wreath

Here’s the final wreath. The photo below is a scanned image which is why the colors are more balanced than in the process photos above.

easy fall watercolor floral wreath

I actually painted the wreath upside-down on the paper, so unfortunately, was not able to use it as I intended.

I did scan the wreath and made a card out of the image just in case I needed to send a quick thank you to someone.

free printable fall watercolor floral wreath thank you card

The Card I Actually Sent To My Agent

But for my agent, I wanted to send her an actual painted card, so I pieced together a card using some other fall watercolor floral art that I painted.

easy fall watercolor floral
The card I actually decided to send my agent.

Other Fall Watercolor Floral Art and Printables

I also made a couple other last minute fall/thanksgiving printables to have on hand just in case.

free printable thanksgiving

You can download the printable files for the items above for free in my Free Resource Library if you are a subscriber. If you aren’t, sign up below and I will email you a link to download the printables as well as the password to my library. You may download these items, save, and print as often as you like.

free printable thanksgiving scripture

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