Welcome to a lilac life!

I’m delighted that you’re here!

My name is Jamie and I’m a Catholic mom of four kids and a wife of a non-Catholic (a.k.a. a pagan, as our Deacon likes to jokingly remind us). I started this blog as a way to document my journey of becoming a Catholic artist as well as sharing about life and motherhood.

Why art?

I’ve got an accumulation of art stuff!

Years ago, a friend of mine, who was an exchange student from Japan, finished her graphic design/art program and was returning to her home country. She had drawers full of art supplies and luckily for me, I inherited all of it.

Additionally, my husband was a fine art major in college and over the years he acquired a big supply of art materials. All of this art stuff had been sitting in our “creative” room for a long time. My goal is to use as much of this stuff up as possible so that it doesn’t just waste away.

Plus, it’s just what I like to do.

Fortunately, I’ve always loved drawing, painting, crafting, and creating. I envision being an artist in my retirement years. Will it take that long? Well, we shall see… =)

Why Catholic?

God, Jesus, Mary, all the saints and angels, plus all the soul-stirring bible stories and verses. These are things I love and are my biggest inspiration.

Why a lilac life?

Childhood memories.

My first endearing experience with lilacs occurred in childhood. My family lived in a group of homes down an alleyway. At the top of the alley, the entryway was lined with lilac bushes. When leaving our neighborhood to go for bike rides, we were sent off with the sweet smell of lilacs and on our return, after a long day of riding, we were received warmly by the scent. I loved it, especially after the rain.

Getting closer to God.

Years ago and before I met my husband, I had a job that was an hour commute away on the highway outside of town. It was a lonely time in my life but also a very spiritual time. On the way out of town, the mountains glowed pink as the sun rose and I would drive past endless fields of lilac weeds. After a tiring day of work, I would be greeted with those beautiful endless fields and the sight brought me comfort.

The color and Christ.

These two experiences plus the symbolism of purple in Christianity are why lilacs are special to me. In Christianity, the color purple, as a color of royalty, is a reminder of Christ’s kingship and His unending sovereignty.

Other tidbits about me:

  • I have over 15 years of experience teaching Sunday school catechism. I’ve taught all levels from post-first communion to RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). My favorite ages are teenagers and adults, but I’ve enjoyed teaching to all different ages. Each level has it’s rewards and challenges.
  • I was involved in the church choir for over 12 years as either the choir leader, cantor, or member.
  • I have an AAS in Computer Networking, a BS in Chemistry, and most recently got my Master’s in Business Administration.
  • I’ve worked in various industrial laboratories for 8+ years including environmental, organic, inorganic, biotech, and microbiology labs.
  • Although baptized as an infant, I didn’t find God and wasn’t confirmed as a Catholic until my twenties.
  • I’m proud to say that my non-Catholic husband goes to church with me every Sunday.
  • I was born and raised in America but my ethnicity is Hmong.

Thanks for reading and visiting my site!

Feel free to stay awhile and have a look around.