7 Best Tutorials on How To Sew a Face Mask

Sew Your Own Face Masks with These Easy Tutorials with Free Patterns Included

I spent hours reading blogs, searching Pinterest, and watching YouTube videos to find the best designs and tutorials on how to sew a face mask.

Now, I’m not very good at sewing so I needed tutorials that were straight-forward with simple patterns. I was happy to see that all the tutorials that I came across either didn’t require a pattern or the pattern was given for free.

Out of all the tutorials I looked at, the seven in this post were the best. They were easy to follow, had nice pictures, and excellent designs.

The first three masks in this post are of the accordian style, with pleats similar to a surgical mask. The last four are of the fitted style with a smooth shape around your nose, mouth, and chin.

All of these masks can be worn over an N95 mask to prolong the life of the N95.

1 // Accordion Mask with Filter Pocket and Elastic Bands // EasyToSew

This is a simple mask that has an opening at the top of the mask for insertion of an optional filter.

Some users have complained that an opening in the middle of the mask can be annoying as your nose will sometimes poke into the opening. Thus, this mask alleviates the issue.

In addition, elastic bands make for easy wearing and removal.

Video Link: How To Make Face Mask With Filter Pocket and Adjustable Wire

2 // Accordian Mask with Filter Pocket and Cloth Straps // Sweet Red Poppy

There is currently a shortage of elastic band material (probably because a lot of people are sewing their own masks). Michael’s has been on backorder. For this reason, you may opt for cloth straps.

Additionally, some have complained that elastic bands around the ears get uncomfortably very quickly. On the other hand, cloth straps can be tied behind your head for a more comfortable fit.

This mask uses cloth strips folded and sewn together (called bias tape) along the edge of the mask as straps.

Blog Post Tutorial: How To Sew A Bias Tape Surgical Mask With Flexible Nose

Video: DIY Best Fabric Face Mask Step-by-Step Tutorial for Beginners

3 // Accordian Mask No Pocket with Elastic Bands // The Stitching Scientist

This is a simple mask with no filter pocket. The instructions are also very simple and easy to follow.

The blog post includes a pattern and clear details on the materials needed.

Blog Post Tutorial: The Stitching Scientist Face Mask

4 // Fitted Mask with Filter Pocket and Elastic Bands // Charmed By Ashley

This fitted mask has a side entry pocket for the insertion of a filter. As noted above, the side entry helps to get around the annoyance of your nose popping into the filter pocket when the pocket is in the middle of the mask as is the case in many DIY face mask designs.

The pattern can be found via the blog link below.

Blog Post Tutorial: Face Mask Tutorial

Video: N95 Style Full Face Mask Sewing Tutorial

5 // Fitted Mask No Filter Pocket with Cloth Straps // Sweet Red Poppy

With both fitted and accordian masks, many have complained that home sewn masks are too loose on the face. This mask is an answer to those complaints.

The pattern can be found via the blog post link below.

Blog Post Tutorial: How to Sew a Fitted Cotton Face Mask

Video: How to Sew a Close-Fitted Fabric Face Mask

6 // Fitted Mask with Filter Pocket and Ribbon Bands // Jennifer Maker

This fitted mask covers a good portion of your face. I also love the professional patterns provided.

This mask calls for ribbon to be used for straps. However, elastic can also be used.

The free pattern can be found via the blog post link below.

Blog Post Tutorial: DIY Face Mask Patterns – Filter Pocket and Adjustable Ties

Video: DIY Face Mask with Filter Pocket – Make on a Cricut or by Hand

7 // Olson Mask – Fitted Mask with Filter Pocket and Elastic Bands // SewCanShe

This face mask design was provided by UnityPoint Hospital.

The SewCanShe tutorial on how to sew the Olson mask includes some wonderful and helpful tips.

Free Pattern: Olson Mask

Blog Post Tutorial: Easy Photo Tutorial for Olson Mask

Tips for Using a Cloth Mask

  • Wear a clean, freshly washed mask each time you go out.
  • Do not touch your face or the mask while out and about.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands before adjusting or removing mask.
  • After use, place the mask into a ziplock bag or wet bag for laundering.
  • Wash or sanitize hands after handling the used mask.
  • Wash used masks with hot water. You may also want to sanitize after washing by boiling masks in hot water for 5 minutes.

Note that cloth masks may protect against viruses by only about 70%. Therefore, it is still necessary to practice physical/social distancing.

Also, viruses may enter the body through the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Thus, you may want to wear glasses/sunglasses to protect your eyes and a hat that covers your ears when you are out and about. Although, if everyone around you is wearing a mask, the amount of contagion would be expected to be less. In this case, protecting your eyes and ears would be less of a concern.

My mother-in-law and I are planning a sew-a-thon this weekend to sew as many masks as we can. Good luck to you on your sewing. Stay clean and healthy! For other ways to protect yourself from infection, see this post on an easy DIY disinfectant that kills viruses fast and doesn’t leave a residue.

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