3 Free Catholic Bible Bookmarks – Printable Digital File

3 Books of the Bible Bookmarks with Watercolor Art

These three bookmarks list all the books found in the Catholic bible. The bookmarks are decorated with simple palm and floral watercolor art and are wonderful for marking your spot in the Bible, devotional book, journal, or other book.

A few months ago, I was delighted to find a bookmark in one of my Bibles that had a list of all the books in the bible.

It was just a small folded and taped piece of paper, but I found it to be very useful for locating books throughout the bible without having to flip back to the Table of Contents.

Unfortunately, because it was just a small folded piece of paper, it fell out somewhere and must’ve gotten thrown out.

So, I decided to make some Bible bookmarks for myself and to give away as gifts.

With the end of the catechetical school year approaching, I thought that these might make great small gifts to put inside cards for students that were receiving their sacraments.

Painting Watercolor Palms and Florals

To add a little bit of fun detail, I painted some palm leaves and other florals to add as a decorative element to the bookmarks.

The palm leaves, purple flowers, and spring color florals make the bookmarks a great Easter gift, but are also suitable for any time of year.

The bookmarks are approximately 2 inches (width) x 6 inches (long) and thus can be used with standard bookmark sleeves. Or, they can be printed on card stock or regular paper for lamination.

These bookmarks would make a terrific gift inside a card such as the Confirmation Congratulations card available here on my blog. There are two versions of the confirmation card: one that prints two cards per 8.5 x 11 in sheet of paper and another that prints one card per sheet of paper (A5 size, 5.5 in x 8.5 in). Be sure to print the A5 size version of the card so that it is large enough to hold the bookmark.

You can download the printable file for this card for free in my Free Resource Library if you are a subscriber. If you aren’t, sign up below and I will email you a link to download the card as well as the password to my library. You may download the card, save, and print as often as you like.

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